Bespoke Gates Llanelli

Wrought iron is a robust and attractive material which has been used by architects for hundreds of years. The gates of Westminster Abbey in London are one of the earliest examples in Britain, dating back to the 13th century. In those days all such architectural features would have been bespoke to the building they were made for. But times have changed since then. In our modern world, it seems like every product and commodity is subject to mass production and economies of scale. Even architecture has succumbed to this trend. Roof trusses are assembled in factories and delivered to building sites on the back of lorries. Precast concrete slabs are craned into place. Even the turf laid in the garden is grown elsewhere and brought in by road.
In the midst of such circumstances it's nice to know that we can still have access to bespoke architectural features for our homes. Llanelli Forge manufacture wrought iron gates and fences for local properties. These attractive items are decorative but also functional in that they provide excellent security for homes in the area.
Why should you choose wrought iron gates for your Llanelli home? Well, iron gates are strong. After all, we don't use the expression “as strong as iron” for nothing. Protecting yourself, protecting your family and protecting your home our priorities for all of us, and we never want to skimp on safeguarding measures. Iron railings are very attractive, and give a sense of dignity and class to any home. During the second world war, tens of thousands of homes throughout the country where stripped of their decorative iron work for the war effort. It is now very rare to find a home more than 70 years old with its original iron work still intact. However, builders of many modern homes have realised just how attractive bespoke iron work can be and have installed it on their modern builds.
Another reason to commission bespoke iron work for your Llanelli house is that it can increase the value of the property. When properly maintained, decorative iron work will last as long as the structure itself and therefore can be viewed as an integral part of the property. And since such pieces are fabricated on a bespoke basis they can be made to suit the character of the property, be that traditional or modern.
Contact Llanelli forge for a free no obligation quotation for the work you would like to have done. Railings, fences, gates, balustrades, and other features are all available. Alternatively, why not browse the galleries on the website for inspiration? Properties throughout the area can benefit from this superior craftsmanship at very reasonable prices. If you have seen something you like elsewhere, in all likelihood Llanelli forge will be able to make something similar for you. All you have to do is ask. Here is a way you can protect your home, increase its value and make it stand out from the crowd. What more could we ask for?