Wrought iron gates

Give your property the secure and stylish entrance it deserves with one of our tailor-made wrought iron gates!
A gated property can help offer a sense of security and sophistication, whether it’s for your home or a commercial premises. Here at Llanelli Forge, we’ve designed and installed a multitude of gates over the years to clients. Our specialism is wrought iron gates and we are able to work with a range of designs to find the ideal solution for you.
Why wrought iron?
Wrought iron has a number of properties that make it the perfect material for the job. Having been used for centuries due to its malleability, the metal is relatively easy to shape and is one of the few materials that becomes harder the more that it’s worked with.
Its sturdiness as a metal makes it great for dealing with strong winds and high impact. However, unlike cast iron, it has a number of advantages on top of being tough. Cast iron gates are likely to flake more easily in bad weather, whilst wrought iron gates fend off the elements. Wrought iron is also great at dealing with tension and compression. If a tree falls upon it or a car drives into, the material will bend a great deal before breaking, making it cheaper to repair.
Our wrought iron gates are further treated to help protect them against corrosion from rain. Whilst some gates will end up rusty and brittle (mostly ones that haven’t been protected with a finish), ours are built to last. We’re so sure of it that we offer all our clients a five year warranty!
Matching the personality of your property
Gates come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to install gates onto an old property, you probably don’t want a funky contemporary design. We understand this and try to match our wrought iron gates to the character of the surroundings. Our design team are able to come up with both traditional and modern solutions, creating an elegant and eye-catching entrance to your property. Tell us which kind of style or pattern you are looking for and we can rustle up some concepts for you to choose from. 
Other services
On top of wrought iron gates we also provide:
· Railings
· Staircases
· Handrails for stairs
· Balcony railings
· Balustrades
· Security grills
Why choose us?
Llanelli Forge are dedicated to providing professional service in a timely manner. Company owner Mr Gibbard has an ONC is mechanical engineering and has previously worked for British Steel. The company also offers reasonable prices and have many promotional deals throughout the year. On top of this Llanelli Forge welcomes commercial opportunities and is able to take on big projects, working with construction companies and supplying bulk stock.
The company is based in Llanelli, but also serves clientele is Swansea, Carmarthen, Ammanford and Gwendraeth Valley. If you’re interested in our services, whether it be the installation of wrought iron gates or another form of railing, you can contact us by email at llanelliforge@gmail.com or give us a call on 01554 77 47 97.