Wrought iron Handrails

Constructing a brand new swanky staircase in your home? Worried that your existing bannister is about to give way? Our company can help provide you with handrails whether it’s a brand new project or to help replace existing ones. Specialising in wrought iron handrails, we offer sturdiness and stylishness combined.
Perfect for all weathers
When it comes to exterior handrails, you want a material that’s going to be able to fend off the wind and rain. Wrought iron handrails make a perfect solution, strong enough to take any gust of wind. Our treatment solution also ensures that they won’t get rusty and brittle.
Of course, wrought iron handrails can look just as stylish indoors too and are able to deal well with the humidity of a home.
Your safety is our priority
Unlike a wooden banister, wrought iron handrails aren’t going to budge easily if you fall hard upon them or have an accident whilst moving in furniture. They’re also less brittle than cast iron. This makes them the perfect sturdy and durable solution – important perhaps if you have kids or have trouble getting upstairs and want a solid grip.
Elegance matters too
Handrails don’t have to be boring. There are many ways in which they can be turned into an elegant design feature, adding a chic touch to a staircase and potentially upping the value of your home. Llanelli Forge work with you to try and design railing that matches the tone and character of the property. Whether you want a contemporary design for a modern building, a traditional design for an old property or something vaguely Mediterranean for the exotic villa look, we will try to match the look to your preference.
Saving you costs
Our wrought iron handrails can also save you money. Compared to other materials, iron is still an affordable solution and won’t require such heavy maintenance as the likes of brass or stainless steel. Our company aims to provide reasonable pricing that outdoes competitors and you may be able to further save money through are multiple promotions that we run throughout the year. On top of this, we offer a five year warranty to all clientele.
Other work we provide
Wrought iron handrails aren’t the only service we offer at Llanelli Forge. We’re also able to install balustrades, balcony railing, rail fencing, gates and window grills all similarly produced out of wrought iron. Those seeking large scale projects that may require a lot of railing can also benefit from our services – we have previously worked with many companies on big projects.
Our company operate mainly in the area around Llanelli where are company is based, which includes Swansea, Carmarthen, Ammanford and Gwendraeth Valley.
If you are interested in using our services and would like to get in touch, you can call us up any time at 01554 77 47 97 or send an email to llanelliforge@gmail.com.