Wrought iron Handrails Dyfed

There is something so welcoming, elegant and protective about a beautiful handrail. They could be in the home, or they may be on steps around your building or garden. Wherever they are - wrought Iron handrails are the ideal choice.
When it comes to design details, you want something sturdy and stunning, as well as durable.
Handrails aren’t just for looks (although it helps when they look good), they are all about safety. Wooden bannisters have their place, but when it comes to durability, there is nothing that works as well as wrought iron handrails. They are less brittle than cast iron and are less likely to get damaged when moving bulky goods around them. Providing a safe and reliable grip when it is needed most.
The look and feel of your home matters. And something that counts towards that is the stylish features that you have installed. Handrails are a design touch that shouldn’t be overlooked.
In fact, with the right designers, like those at Llanelli Forge, you can create a wrought Iron handrail that matches the interior and exterior of your home or building. This works for modern minimalist architecture and traditional period buildings alike. And in fact, you can pull inspiration from styles found in luxury villas and mansions all over the globe.
While there are many attractive handrail options, none are designed and built with the strength and durability of wrought iron handrails. They won’t bough or break when it comes to strong winds, they are treated so that they have an extended life and are less susceptible to rust. Wrought iron handrails are ideal for dealing with any type of weather.
But the great thing is that they are perfectly suited to indoors installation too. While the home tends to be more humid in nature, a wrought iron handrail is adaptable.
When something looks stunning, is uniquely designed, and installed, you might think the cost will be substantial. However, wrought iron handrails are, in comparison to many other material options are a more affordable solution.
Not only that but they last much longer than many other handrail options. And something we pride ourselves in is the ability to out-do our competitors in terms of price.
As well as running many promotions throughout the year, we offer a fantastic 5-year warranty.
At Llanelli Forge, we offer a wide range of services. We are also proud to be able to provide and install balcony railings, rail fencing, window grills, gates and any similar products that can be produced out of wrought iron.
We also have the ability to work on large-scale projects, those that require a lot of railing can also benefit hugely from our services. We have an excellent track record of working with many companies on large projects.
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