Wrought iron Railings

Looking for some durable and sophisticated wrought iron railings for your commercial or private property? Our team of professionals can provide you with the perfect railing solution.
We help install wrought iron railings for the following purposes:
· Rail fencing
· Gates
· Balconies
· Balustrades
· Security iron work
Railings that last
At Llanelli Forge, we aim to build railings that stand the test of time. Many clients will be looking to replace pre-existing railings that may have been damaged due to bad weather or vandalism. Our choice to use wrought iron guarantees durability. Perfect for outdoor installation, our wrought iron railings can withstand rough winds and won’t crumble in the rain and frost. Further protective coating also ensures longer protection against rust.
Unlike cast iron examples, our wrought iron railings are also good for dealing with tension and compression. In the unfortunate events of a falling tree or car accident, the material will bend a certain amount before breaking. This prevents the need for expensive replacement but also acts as a safer barrier to a driver in the case of a car accident.
Sturdy - and stylish
Our iron railings aren’t just built to last, they’re built to look good.
Nobody wants ugly metal fencing that look like prison block. Our wrought iron railings are built to look chic. Our designers are able to draw from an array of contemporary and traditional decorative styles in order to match the period and character of your property. Whether it be gates that create a dramatic entrance to your home or balcony railings for accentuating your apartment, we can work with you to make it a striking feature on your home.
Why choose us?
We value professionalism at Llanelli Forge and our provide quality workmanship as well as timely completion.
As of January 2015, the company has been taken over by Mr Gibbard. He has an ONC in Mechanical engineering and has worked as a professional welder in France, on top of completing an apprenticeship with British Steel. Under the guidance of the previous owner, he has helped carry over the company’s reputation whilst bringing in new skills to the trade.
On top of great service, we aim to offer affordability, supplying bulk stock if necessary on top of many discounts and special promotions. We offer all our clients a five year warranty in case of any damage.
Working closely with clients, our products are always personalised. Every project we do is different and built around the customer’s desired specs. 
Which areas we work in
Our company is based in Llanelli, but we also cover Swansea, Camarthen, Ammanford and Gwendraeth Valley. If you’re uncertain as to whether we cover your area, don’t hesitate to contact us.
How to contact us
You can email us at llanelliforge@gmail.com to discuss your railing queries and plans, or call us up on 01554 77 47 97. You can also reach Mr Gibbard by mobile on 075 075 99 282.