Wrought iron Railings Dyfed

Not only are wrought iron railings stunning to look at, but they are one of the most durable options when it comes to railing options.
There are a few options when it comes to the purpose of your railings:
Security Iron Work
Rail Fencing
We can take care of the installation so that you have your ideal railing solution professional fitted.
We have all walked by a beautiful old home, and the wrought iron railings add a touch of luxury security - because they are timeless. Llanelli Forge is a specialist in building railings that stand the test of time. By using wrought iron for your railings, durability is guaranteed. Not only that but they are the ideal outdoor solution. Over time wood and other metals are impacted by severe weathers, wrought iron railings can withstand the roughest weathers.
And the extra protective coating will mean you get more extended protection against rust.
There is a classic elegance to wrought iron railings that you don’t get with many other materials. Due to our talented designers, we can create a wide range of modern or traditional decorative styles of fence. Which means when it comes to period properties, we can match exactly what you need.
Wrought iron railings can create a feeling of safety, and a dramatic entrance to your building or home too. It will become a feature that is not only stunning but provides security too.
Something that makes wrought iron railings the right choice in terms of safety is that they are sturdy enough to deal with tension and compression in a unique way. If a tree were to fall on most other styles of fencing, the fence will not be able to handle it, and will most likely be broken. Wrought iron railings, however, due to the material will bend a certain amount before they break. Which means they are ideal for giving an extra layer of protection around your property.
Why Llanelli Forge?
Above all, we value professionalism and the ability to deliver high-quality workmanship in the swiftest time frame. In January 2015 the company was taken over by Mr Gibbard. Who not only has an ONC in Mechanical Engineering but has previous experience as a welder in France, as well as completing an apprenticeship with British Steel. This means that there is a range of techniques, knowledge and expertise that are specific to Llanelli Forge.
The work carried out by Llanelli Forge comes with a 5-year warranty in case any damage occurs to your wrought iron railings.
We at Llanelli Forge work with our clients so that we can produce a personalised product to exact specifications. No two projects are alike, and you will have the best customer experience as well as a fully customised wrought iron railing. On top of all of that, we offer affordability, bulk stock options as well as many discounts and promotions.
Areas Covered
We are based in Llanelli, but we cover the following areas:
Gwendraeth Valley
If you don’t see your area listed above, then you can get in touch to discuss your requirements.
To have a chat about what your need in terms of wrought iron railings you can:
Email us at llanelliforge@gmail.com
Call on: 01554774797
Or alternatively, you can talk directly to Mr Gibbard on 0750759982